We’re Going Deep

Named after a famous deep house record, We’re Going Deep began as a Facebook Group for “for music minded people to discuss, listen and share good music”, and eventually became a podcast and record label. I created an Ambigram style logo and music packaging for the record label. You can hear the music on Soundcloud, or purchase Vinyl at SubWax.

Dub Not Dub Vol. 2

  1. Babylon Dub – Groove Corporation
  2. Guns of Brixton (Dub) – Jimmy Cliff
  3. Stop Your Gun Shooting – Errol Dunkley
  4. Police in Helicopter – John Holt
  5. Drilling for Oil – Sly & Robbie
  6. War & Friction – IRoy
  7. Back to Base – Sly & Robbie
  8. Armagideon Time (Dub) – The Clash
  9. Survival – Prince Far I
  10. Burn Babylon – Sylford Walker
  11. War In A South Africa (Dub) – Killerman Jarrett
  12. Dub The Sun (Mad Professor Dub) – The Young Gods
  13. Justice To The People – The Upsetters