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Can you point to Ukraine on a map?

Can you point to Ukraine on a map? This is the question Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was reported to have asked NPR anchor Mary Louise Kelly after a pretty contentious interview.

The link above is a very cool example of using of data visualization to respond to current events. It was built with an open source data-viz library called Observable.

In other map related news I discovered this project called City Roads, which will render every road within a city. This is what I used to create the image of Kiev in this post. You can save the results as an SVG or PNG file. Very cool.

Design Outsider Art Posters

African Movie Posters

A thread of African Movie Posters… Due to licensing and printing costs, some African theaters gave the task to artists to paint the posters for movies being shown… Some artists had no reference to what movie they was drawing so some just guessed… Here are my favourites…

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Reasons to be Cheerful

Buddy Holly,
the working folly
Good golly Miss Molly
and boats
Hammersmith Palais,
the Bolshoi Ballet
Jump back in the alley
and nanny goats

18-wheeler Scammells,
Dominecker camels
All other mammals
plus equal votes
Seeing Piccadilly,
Fanny Smith and Willy
Being rather silly,
and porridge oats

A bit of grin and bear it,
a bit of come and share it
You’re welcome, we can spare it
yellow socks
Too short to be haughty,
too nutty to be naughty
Going on 40
no electric shocks

The juice of the carrot,
the smile of the parrot
A little drop of claret
anything that rocks
Elvis and Scotty,
days when I ain’t spotty,
Sitting on the potty
curing smallpox

Health service glasses
Gigolos and brasses
Round or skinny bottoms

Take your mum to Paris
Lighting up the chalice
Wee Willy Harris!

Bantu Stephen Biko,
listening to Rico
Harpo, Groucho, Chico

Cheddar cheese and pickle,
the Vincent motorsickle
Slap and tickle
Woody Allen, Dali,
Dimitri and Pasquale
and Volare

Something nice to study,
phoning up a buddy
Being in my nuddy
Saying okey-dokey,
Sing along with Smokey
Coming out of chokey

John Coltrane’s soprano,
Adi Celentano
Bonar Colleano