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Why this font is everywhere

An enjoyable rundown of the development of the Cooper Black typeface, and a pretty good overview of the history of Modern type design. Vox has an entire YouTube playlist about fonts and typeface design that is worth watching.

Mash Ups Music

Golden Brown

Created by Laurence Mason

Amazing cover version of “Golden Brown” by The Stranglers using elements and samples of Dave Brubeks “Take Five“.

Data Visualization Maps

Can you point to Ukraine on a map?

Can you point to Ukraine on a map? This is the question Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was reported to have asked NPR anchor Mary Louise Kelly after a pretty contentious interview.

The link above is a very cool example of using of data visualization to respond to current events. It was built with an open source data-viz library called Observable.

In other map related news I discovered this project called City Roads, which will render every road within a city. This is what I used to create the image of Kiev in this post. You can save the results as an SVG or PNG file. Very cool.

Design Outsider Art Posters

African Movie Posters

A thread of African Movie Posters… Due to licensing and printing costs, some African theaters gave the task to artists to paint the posters for movies being shown… Some artists had no reference to what movie they was drawing so some just guessed… Here are my favourites…

via Gamiest Gamer